Student Athlete Support Program


College Bound Student Athlete Night Presentation


Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Athlete Support Program is to provide the necessary support to enhance the well-being of student-athletes. This proactive program motivates and assists student-athletes to make successful transitions to college life, achievement and maintaining a satisfactory level of academic performance. The Student Athlete Support Program focuses on fostering the total development of student-athletes, both personally and professionally developing leadership skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and in the real world as successful individuals in society.



Darnell Bing, MA
Umoja/ Athletic Counselor

Debra Gleason, MS, LMFT

Vetrans/Athletic Counselor

The Student Athlete Study Center provides a structures learning environment with computers and study tables for student-athletes to work independently on their homework assignments. The Student Athlete Study Center is located in 1452 on the San Jacinto Campus.